Safety Information

The Formula Pro Advanced is called a “lifesaver” by parents because of its proven ability to make a warm formula bottle safely, accurately, consistently and easily. It’s the reason why we’ve sold well over half a million Formula Pro machines since its launch

Accurate, Precise & Hygienic Formula Dispensing

  • We are very confident in the machine’s ability to make and dispense a warm formula bottle consistently that precisely matches the formula to water ratio as specified on the formula manufacturer’s label.
  • Like many other products designed for babies, the Formula Pro requires users to follow simple instructions for proper use and cleaning.
  • Our series of instructional videos offer detailed operating and cleaning tips.
  • Due to the natural human error that occurs when the formula is measured by hand, the Formula Pro is a significantly more accurate and precise way to make a bottle.
  • The Formula Pro is also more hygienic than hand scooping formula since the machine automatically dispenses the formula.

Testing & Quality Assurance

  • We have extensive testing and quality assurance procedures in place before our machines even leave the factory to ensure they consistently dispense the right amount of formula and water.
  • We re-test every major brand and type of formula at least once a year at our lab to ensure our formula settings are accurate and deliver the formula weight per two ounces of water as specified by the manufacturer on each formula’s label. We also continually test new formulas as they become available or as soon as we become aware of them and upon user request. 

This video shows our robust testing process:

Using your Formula Pro

  • It is essential that Formula Pro Advanced is only used with powders that have been tested by the Formula Pro team. You can find a list of powders that have been tested along with the appropriate setting with our Formula Settings Finder here.
  • If the exact powder you use is not listed please get in touch with with a full name, description and stage/age range of the powder we will then test this powder for you. You should NOT use Formula Pro Advanced to prepare milk until it has been properly tested.
  • It is recommended that formula milk is to be made up with pre-boiled water that had been cooled for 30 minutes to allow it to reach a temperature no less than 70oc. This has been made based on the assumption that the milk will be prepared by hand and possibly not in the most hygienic conditions, even when prepared in hygienic conditions, the guidelines consider that the milk may need to be stored for a time allowing bacteria to multiply. The Baby Brezza offers a hygienic alternative with no risk of scalding.
  1.  Powder. This will be kept dry until the instant milk preparation and free of human contact. The powder is simply poured from the tin into the clean, dry milk container- no contact, no scoop. The milk container is cleaned monthly, left to completely air dry then reassemble when dry. The powder can then be stored away in a way that does not promote bacteria.
  2. Water. Pre-boiled, cooled water is added to the container- separate from the powder. The water container is cleaned monthly either in the dishwasher or by hand in warm soapy water and left to air dry. The water should be replaced every 24 hours to ensure it remains fresh and clean. Filling the tank with enough water for a days feed is a simple way to ensure it is changed regularly. Monthly, the internal workings of the machine which the water passes through between the water container and the funnel are descaled using vinegar and water and to be thoroughly rinsed to prevent bacteria from having time to grow.
  3. Formula preparation. The water is delivered at room temperature, warmed to body temperature or 40oc according to the user’s choice. It then mixes in the funnel with the powder before passing into the bottle. The funnel is cleaned in warm soapy water and air-dried every 4 bottles to prevent any build-up that could cause contamination and re-assembled with clean, dry hands. The formula milk is only for immediate consumption – no storage, no time for bacteria to flourish.

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