Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced


The easiest way to make a warm Formula Bottle Instantly!

  • Instant Formula Dispenser: Automatically makes a warm formula bottle instantly
  • Easy to use: No measuring, no mixing, no fuss. Simply choose your settings and push the start button. No need to buy expensive replacement filters
  • Customisable: Choose from 3 temperature settings, dispensing from 60-300ml, even water only
  • Universal: Works with virtually all brands of formula (including Cow & Gate) and all sizes/types of bottles
  • More accurate, consistent & hygienic than hand scooping: the proper amount of formula is dispensed every time from an air tight container
  • To make cleaning that little bit easier grab a Spare Funnel & Cover with your Formula Pro!

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See The Formula Pro Advanced In Action!

Digital Control Panel

The all-digital controls and LCD control panel mean that there are no manual adjustments, and the night friendly glow emitted from the digital display will make late-night feeds easier.

The sleek design also makes it look great in modern kitchens, and its small compact footprint will seamlessly integrate with a busy environment.

What setting do I need to put my Formula Pro Advanced on?

The setting you use is dependent on your formula. Please get in touch if you are unsure of which setting to use.

If your formula is not on our list, we will be happy to test it for you to ensure that you always have the perfect bottle of baby formula.

Does the Formula Pro Advanced use boiling water?

No, the Formula Pro Advanced doesn’t use boiling water.

The water tank should be filled with bottled water suitable for infant formula preparation, or pre-boiled water, cooled to room temperature (45°C or below). You can then choose the temperature of the milk that is prepared, from room, body or slightly warmer than body temperature.

Large Water Tank

The water tank holds 1.5 litres of readily available liquid which can make around 20 8oz (or 235.5ml) bottles on average. The clear maximum and minimum markings help with a smooth operation.

We recommend filling the water tank with pre-boiled water, cooled to room temperature (45°C or below) prior to making a bottle.

Handy Formula Compartment

The Formula Pro Advanced stores formula powder in a airtight container with a clear refill indicator on the outside and swirl wheel to dispense formula without any clumping.

This airtight container is more hygienic than manual bottle prep.

Automatic Formula Mixer and Dispenser

The pressure of time is a problem for many parents and caregivers. Making bottles becomes a regular and potentially stressful chore. But with Baby Brezza Automatic Bottle Maker, formula bottle preparation is now a breeze!

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced is the most innovative way to automatically make a warm, formula bottle in 15 seconds, saving you up to 30 minutes a day.

You can customize the perfect bottle for your baby and it works with virtually all brands of formula, and all bottle brands and sizes. Just pick your settings and push the start button for your automatic baby bottle.

Please follow set up and operation instructions carefully to ensure your formula maker performs as intended. 


Is the FPA a safe way of preparing formula milk for my baby?

Yes, we believe so, but not everyone agrees so we encourage every user to decide what is right for them and their family.

Globally, there are many different recommendations for making up Infant Formula Milk (IFM).

Breastfeeding is the ideal but is not always possible so alternatives are required. Liquid IFM is completely sterile and is normally recommended for pre-term or otherwise immune-compromised babies. However, for most babies powdered IFM is suitable. Using a Formula Pro is one way of preparing IFM from powder. It does not heat water to 70⁰C but there are many who believe that not doing so is a better option – experts ranging from government bodies to manufacturers of probiotic milks (that cannot be heated beyond 40⁰C without reducing their nutritional value).

There is wide consensus that good hygiene should be maintained during the preparation of IFM and that it should either be consumed immediately after preparation or stored at less than 5⁰C. The UK is one of a few countries that only recommend using water at 70⁰C. Some countries e.g. Canada follow WHO advice and recommend using either water at 70C, or pre-boiled room temperature water (so long as the milk is consumed immediately). Other countries, for example USA and France have concluded that using water at 70C is not appropriate and this does not form part of their recommendations at all.

A study by Losio et al (1) puts into question the effectiveness of using water at 70⁰C to pasteurise the milk. Starting with water at 70⁰, they found rapid cooling may occur and such conditions were non lethal to pathogens. To achieve lethal conditions, 85⁰C water was required, but at these temperatures there was concern that proteins in the milk are denatured and their nutritional value reduced. Anses in France (French equivalent of Public Health England) considered the nutritional consequences of heat on formula milk (2). They concluded that the successive use of heat treatments should be minimised for IFM to maintain its nutritional integrity. Given that heat treatments are already used in the manufacture of milk powders to minimise microbial contamination, their recommendation was to use water at room temperature when making up IFM from powder – unfiltered water from the cold tap (Not from a mixer tap, or in buildings that may have lead pipework) or bottled water that meets quality criteria that ensure no risk to infants. If neither tap or bottled water were available, cooled, boiled water could be used.

Parents therefore have to decide which body of experts has the best advice for their baby. In the UK, many parents follow the NHS guidelines, but those that choose different advice should not be considered ‘wrong’ when the experts can’t agree.

Parents who choose to prepare milk at room temperature or just above accept that it can only be made up for immediate consumption; it cannot be stored, and the Formula Pro is one of their options for preparing it. To ensure the correct nutrition of the baby, IFM must be prepared accurately (correct ratio of powder and water). Robins and Meyers found the range of error of hand scooping can be as much as 25% (4). With a hungry baby, preparing the food quickly is important; the findings would indicate that this may be at the expense of accuracy. A Formula Pro will deliver the IFM both quickly and accurately when it is needed.

Good hygiene is essential in IFM preparation. With manual preparation, each bottle requires a hand to be inserted into the tin to scoop out the powder several times. Even with clean hands, this risks bacterial contamination of the tin and/or the introduction of moisture that can promote bacterial growth (the domestic kitchen is a well-documented location for acquiring food-borne disease – 3. Redmond and Griffith). Formula Pro is a practical, hygienic alternative. Components are regularly and easily cleaned. Milk powder is tipped into the clean, dry powder container avoiding human contact. Water is replaced daily and kept separate from the powder until the moment of milk preparation.

Being a parent involves making many choices that will affect the healthy development of a child. Which milk to use and how to prepare it is one of them.

If there are any concerns as to whether the Formula Pro is a suitable choice for a particular baby’s feeds a doctor or health visitor should be consulted.


How easy is it to prepare a bottle with Formula Pro?
Its really easy to make a warm formula bottle instantly. All you need to do is press a button after setting up the machine properly. Here are some simple steps to set up the machine:
  1. Go to to find the correct setting for your formula powder. Press the “powder setting” button repeatedly to select your setting 1-10. It is essential that you choose the correct setting for your formula (brand, type, stage and scoop weight)
  2. Press the “ml” button repeatedly to select the volume of water you want to dispense. ML size indicates water volume only. It does not include the volume of powder added when mixing.
  3. Press the “temp” button to select the temperature of the formula which is dispensed. The temperature indicator will flash when heating and stay solid when the set temperature is reached. Formula will not be dispensed until the indicator. 
  4. Press the “start” button to dispense formula. The Formula Pro Advanced will revert to the settings last used after it has been unplugged or switched off. You do not need to select a powder setting every time you make a bottle. You can always change the ML size or powder setting by pressing the buttons again.
  5. The Formula Pro will dispense powder and water together, then stop automatically when dispensing is complete. Some clumping may occur with some formula powders inherently difficult to mix with water.
  6. PLEASE NOTE: The level will appear higher than the ML size selected because of added powder volume and/or variance in bottle making. Example: 120ml of water plus powder volume is approximately 135ml depending on your formula powder type.
Can the room temperature bottles be made and then placed in the refrigerator for storage?

Yes you can place the bottles in the refrigerator. We also recommend checking the storage instructions indicated on the formula container.

Does the Formula Pro Advanced use boiled water?

No, the Formula Pro Advanced doesn’t use boiled water. It allows you to set the water temperature to one of three temperatures (room temp, body temp, warmer than body temp). We recommend that you use distilled water which is 100% pure or use boiled water that has been cooled down with the Formula Pro Advanced.