We currently bought this as we are expecting our first baby soon, it’s up and ready in our bedroom for the multiple night feeds we’ll have to do and even trialled making a bottle to become familiar with the product and we absolutely love it so quick and we can’t wait to use when our little boy is here but we love it so far!

21 January 2021

Couldn’t live without it!

This is my second baby brezza and I really couldn’t live without one. I had the older model which was a game changer after my first baby was born and I knew after the birth of my second child that I would never go back. The updated model is amazing. It reminds you to clean the funnel and heats the water up to a choice of temperatures really quickly. The baby brezza means no more counting out scoops or measuring out water and either heating it up to the right temperature or calling it down while the baby screaming. It is the item I recommend to all my friends as a must have. This might seem like a pricey gadget but it is absolutely worth every penny and I would happily pay more for the amount of time back I have received.

Dr Gerrard

03 December 2020

The Baby Brezza truly changed our lives!

The Baby Brezza truly changed our lives! We have tried other prep machines, but they are nearly as messy and time-consuming than making a bottle the traditional way. The Baby Brezza is the only machine on the market which not only mixes the formula and bottle together, but it also measures out the formula for you and controls the temperature – making a ready-to-drink bottle in literal seconds! With a variety of settings specifically for each type of formula, this machine continually makes the perfect bottle for your baby. You can change the temperature of the bottle, as well as the amount depending on what your baby prefers and needs as they grow. Cleaning the machine daily is quick and easy. You only need to complete a deep clean once a month. We are truly grateful for this machine, not only for the time it saves, but the extra time it gives us with our baby.

06 July 2020

Huge Time Saver!

I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone with a formula fed baby as getting a fully prepped bottle in less than 30 seconds with the push of a button is a game changer at 3 AM when your addled parent brain doesn’t work but your baby is hungry and crying. Just be sure to follow the maintenance instructions so you can use your machine for a long time to come without issues!

06 July 2020

Machine is a life saver

I’ve had my machine for a week now and it has saved so much time! I broke my leg and have been bedridden so trying to make a warm bottle in the warmer never worked for me. This machine I keep next to my bedside so it makes heating up and mixing formula so convenient and easy! I will recommend this to all of my friends. Thank you.

14 May 2020


I have a 14 week old and bought this since he was born. I do breastfeed but I also supplement with formula. I know one day he will just drink formula all the time. This makes everything easier. I have tried doing the usual way with warm water, scooping up formula and shake. I have an impatient baby and wants to be held all the time. It makes it so impossible but this machine made it all possible. All he has to do is wait for a minute and he gets an already warm milk and also avoids having so much bubbles in the bottle from shaking as its already mixed when dispensed. It is all worth it.

14 May 2020

Must have for twins

We love our Baby Brezza so much. We would spend at least an hour a day prepping and measuring bottles (they had two different dietary needs. Now that they’re on the same formula, our lives have completely changed. We use about 14 bottles a day and and we save a lot of time and energy with the Brezza. No more measuring, storing, and warming. No more screaming babies waiting for their bottles. In just a few seconds we have happy babies and happy parents.

14 May 2020

Love It

This is the best. It so easy my 6 year old enjoys making bottles for the baby. So easy and saves so much time . Especially when your half asleep making bottles.

14 May 2020


We had received the Baby Brezza as a gift when my son was 3 months old, and it truly was the best gift we could have asked for! This machine made our lives so much easier! My son gets his patience from his father (which is near to none lol) and did not like waiting for a bottle, so when we got this we were way better off. Feeding time become so much simpler and faster! We did eventually come across an issue with the machine beginning to leave from the inside but once contacting customer service, they were more than helpful in getting a replacement sent over ASAP! Anyone who is bottle feeding I would highly recommend getting one!

12 May 2020

Job made easy

It doesn’t take up much space, really great for night time use, no faffing about and instantly makes milk. Also compliments my kitchen well!

15 December 2020