Tips for Infant Colic relief

It’s normal for newborns to cry and fuss. But when a healthy, well-fed infant cries for longer than three hours a day, more than three days a week, a pediatrician may say that the baby has colic. 

A colicky baby will have episodes of intense, high-pitched crying, often at the same time every day, for no obvious reason. Colic can begin a few weeks after birth, reaching its peak between the baby’s fourth and sixth week. Colic is not harmful, and babies will typically outgrow it by the time they are four months old. 

But while colic is not dangerous, it is extremely frustrating for parents. You don’t want your baby to be in discomfort and screaming in pain. Equally frustrating is that health care professionals aren’t exactly sure what causes colic, which makes it challenging to treat. If you’re a mum trying to ease a colicky baby, here are some traditional colic remedies, as well as some novel new ideas that may provide some relief. 

Minimize Gas

While the cause of colic is unknown, some people believe gas plays a role. Burp your baby and see if that helps. If you are nursing, you may want to ask your doctor if there are any gas-producing foods you should be avoiding that could contribute to the issues. Some other ideas that can help with gas include:

Avoid shaking the Formula Bottle 

Do you shake your baby’s bottle to break up formula clumps and mix the contents? You could be creating air bubbles that will end up in your baby’s belly. Instead of shaking, stir with a sterile spoon or one product that can help minimize air bubbles — and save you a lot of time preparing bottles too — is the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser. It has patented mixing technology that automatically mixes, heats and dispenses formula or water to the perfect consistency and temperature. Create bottles without bubbles with one press of a button! 

Use Anti-colic bottles

Yes, there are bottles actually designed to help prevent colic!  The secret is the TrufloTM anti-colic vent system built into each wide, breast-like nipple, which ensures your baby swallows milk, not air, helping to prevent gas. The benefits don’t stop there. This bottle has a unique two-piece design that can save up to 10 hours per year in cleaning and assembly.

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